Amicus ADR Program for Storm Damage/Disaster Recovery Claims

Amicus Mediation & Arbitration Group can help you resolve property damage claims resulting from large catastrophic storms or disasters, such as hurricane, windstorm, flooding, hailstorm, etc.

Our programs are designed for insurers seeking to expedite the resolution of claims for their policy holders or to avoid litigation that may occur due to coverage issues and other impasses.

By creating an Alternative Dispute resolution program to administer these claims, an insurer provides their policyholders with an option to resolve their coverage or property damage dispute outside of litigation.The use of ADR is a proven, effective means of maintaining relationships between disputants. This is of great benefit for insurers and policy holders seeking to continue a future business relationship.

Amicus’ maintains regional panels of neutral arbitrators and mediators that include engineers, home inspectors and appraisers, attorneys and retired judges.

By using Amicus as your ADR administrator, you provide your policy holders with a neutral expeditious process for resolving their claim.

ADR conferences can be scheduled local to the property owner or insured or can be administered virtually using Amicus’ online programs, Xpedimeet or The Virtual Arbitrator.

Programs administration is available in both English and Spanish.

For more information please contacts us at 888.7.AMICUS