Fees and Estimated Costs

Fortunately, ADR costs are relatively a fraction of the expense associated with prolonged litigation and/or trial. Typically, ADR costs can be driven by variables such as, the agreed upon neutral’s fee schedule, the number of parties involved in the dispute and the time associated with the ADR conference. However we find that most cases fall into the following billing stratas:

Flat Rated Fees:

$425- $495.00 fee billed per party. This fee covers 1 hour hours of the neutral’s time as well as the administration of the conference. Time exceeding the initial 1 hour is billed at a rate of $225.00 an hour per party.

*Settlement Day/Volume Discount Rates available.

Hourly Billing:

If the selected mediator bills in an hourly format each party will be billed on an hourly basis to include an administrative fee of $195 per party.

Request a Fee Estimate for Your Case

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