Frequently Asked Questions

What type of disputes are appropriate for ADR?

Any dispute can be appropriate for ADR if both parties agree. Amicus has neutrals with specialties in the following areas:
Personal Injury Employment Commercial /Labor Law
Construction/Engineering Property Products Liability
Wrongful Death UIM/UM Insurance Coverage Issues
Subrogation Contracts Government/Municipalities
Workers Compensation Environmental Professional Malpractice

When is a Case ready for ADR?

Typically, parties will elect to consider ADR at the point of impasse. That time where you reach an impasse in negotiations or where you expect that one will come shortly. ADR may also be appropriate on cases where one or more of the following factors exist:
  • The parties are disputing either damages or liability or both
  • The plaintiff may not have a realistic expectation of the case and may be acting as a barrier to settlement
  • Multiple parties are involved in the case which is preventing meaningful discussions or lengthening the discovery process
  • The case involves an uninsured or underinsured motorist claim
  • The case will cost a great deal to prepare for and take to trial
  • An in-suit claim will soon demand costly discovery
  • A trial date is approaching and a party does not wish to try the case
  • You are willing to move on your settlement figure but believe it will be rejected

Do I need to obtain my adversary’s consent to Mediate/Arbitrate prior to submitting the matter for ADR?

You may wish to propose the concept of resolution through ADR to your adversary, however it is not necessary. If your adversary rejects your proposal for ADR or you cannot agree on the terms of your agreement, we strongly recommend that you proceed with submitting the matter to AMICUS. As a neutral party, we can help educate your adversary on the overwhelming benefits of ADR if they are hesitant. We can also provide them with references regarding the value of our services. As a neutral, third party AMICUS will then assist all parties with the selection of a neutral mediator or arbitrator and work with all to get the case scheduled at a time and place, convenient for all.

Amicus’ Live Web Cast - ADR Training Session

If you or your staff are interested in learning more about Alternative Dispute Resolution and its benefits you may wish to participate in our webcast training session. This 60 minute session is designed to provide participants with some general ADR knowledge to include:
  • What is Alternative Dispute Resolution and what are its benefits?
  • How does Mediation differ from Arbitration and what are the benefits of each forum? Which types of cases are best suited for Mediation/Arbitration?
  • When is the right time to submit a case for ADR?
  • How to gain your adversary’s consent or what to do when ADR is refused?
  • What happens once I have submitted a case to AMICUS?
  • How do I prepare and present my case at Mediation?
Our next session is scheduled for : No sessions scheduled at this time. Please check back later. If you are interested in participating in this training please fill out the attached contact form or call us at 888.7.AMICUS
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