Xpedimeet! offers parties a web based mediation solution. It allows one or all parties to participate in the mediation or arbitration conference via web camera.

Xpedimeet! reduces travel time, time out of the office and expense by allowing parties to attend their ADR conference virtually.

Xpedimeet! differs from other web-conferencing programs in that it allows the mediator/moderator and attending parties to separate and converse in private caucus rooms on-line!

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Business travel can be a profitability killer. Amicus can help you do more and travel less by mediating online.

XPEDIMEET! allows for one or all parties to participate in the mediation session via web camera. In an XPEDIMEET! session, the mediator is able to create private caucus sessions for each participant just like those in a standard mediation. Participants can mediate their case, without having to leave the convenience of their home or office.

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