ADR Forums

Non-Binding Mediation

Mediation is a process where parties meet with a mutually selected, neutral party who uses his or her legal expertise to assist them in the resolution of their dispute.

The mediator acts as a settlement facilitator as he or she privately expounds on the strengths and weaknesses of each side’s case.

This forum provides great flexibility in that the decision making power is totally in the control of the parties as they are not bound by the mediation proceedings. The mediation process is quite effective and on average results in settlement,  80% of the time.

Binding Arbitration

An ADR forum where parties agree, by contract to submit their dispute to a neutral, arbitrator or arbitrators, who will render a decision that the parties agree to be bound by. In general, the arbitrator is a neutral person chosen by the parties. The arbitrator reads the submission materials supplied by all parties, hears testimony, examines evidence and renders an award/decision on the case as to liability/damages or both.

Unless otherwise agreed, the decision is non appeal-able and legally binding.

High-Low Arbitration

An arbitration proceeding where parties agree in advance to high/low parameters that will govern the arbitrator’s award. In essence, the high/low acts as a ceiling and floor that cap or limit the arbitrator’s award.

If the arbitrator’s award is within the high/low range, the award as outlined is paid. If however the arbitrator’s award is below the low, the low figure is guaranteed. If the award is above the high, the award is reduced to the pre-agreed upon high figure.

The high and low figures, unless otherwise agreed, typically are NOT revealed to the arbitrator.

Paper Arbitration

A paper Arbitration is similar to a binding arbitration in that the parties submit their dispute to an arbitrator who will render a binding decision. However, in a paper Arbitration, no testimony is presented and there is no hearing. All arguments are presented to the arbitrator by way of a paper submission. This forum is well suited for smaller value disputes (Cases with damages under $25,000.00) or coverage disputes.


Xpedimeet is Amicus’ specially designed, web cam based mediation forum which allows one or all parties to participate in the mediation via web camera.

Xpedimeet  allows the mediator to pull select  parties into private caucus rooms on line, for discussions and negotiations.

Xpedimeet is ideal for parties that are unable to attend a mediation or those that wish to reduce their travel time and expense by mediating their case entirely via webcam.

Judicial Review or Case Risk Analysis

By scheduling a Judicial Review session, parties can utilize the expertise of a retired judge or seasoned Neutral to review and give insight on their case.

A follow up analysis will be provided by the neutral regarding value, liability and potential risks.

Mock Jury Trial (Focus Groups)

Jury verdicts can be a gamble and are difficult to predict .

However, a mock jury trial or focus group can provide great insight to parties as they prepare their case for trial.

An Amicus mock trial allows parties to participate in a “dry run” of their trial strategy. Jurors provide both written and verbal insight on the merits of the case as presented.

Participants have an opportunity to question and discuss feedback with the mock jurors and observe all of the jurors’ deliberations.

Focus Groups
The purpose of a focus group is to allow parties to elicit unbiased feedback from a group of participants.

The forum differs from a mock trial in that the participants are not instructed on the law and the proceedings are considerably less formal.

Online Jury Survey

Parties can submit the facts of their case, written arguments and other material for an on line review and assessment by perspective jurors.

  • The on line jury pool can consist of any number of jurors desired by the assigning party.
  • Parties can customize the questionnaires that jurors are asked to complete.
  • Parties can observe the deliberations between jurors which is coordinated in a private chat room setting.