Arbitrate your Case, Virtually

The Virtual Arbitrator is an Internet-based solution that allows parties to resolve their case or disputed claim completely on line, through binding arbitration.

With the Virtual Arbitrator, all arguments, evidence and testimonial are presented to the arbitrator via an on line submission. After reviewing each parties’  presentation,  the arbitrator renders a binding decision that concludes the case. If parties wish to present their case live, a 30 minute, web cam hearing can be added to the arbitration. To learn more visit

Your On Line Mediation Solution

XPEDIMEET!  allows for one or all parties to participate in a mediation session via web camera. In an XPEDIMEET! session, the mediator is able to create private caucus sessions for each participant just  like those in a standard mediation. Participants can mediate their case, without having to leave the convenience of their home or office.

Parties can upload and exchange documents or video with each other during the mediation session. Recreate accident descriptions on the whiteboard feature, all on line. To learn more visit