Amicus Settlement Days

Maximize your results by allowing Amicus to assist you with your next settlement day effort. Amicus will help your claims staff preserve their time by obtaining all parties consent to participate in the mediation at your office. Amicus will send written confirmation to all parties confirming the scheduled details and will supply settlement results reports, at the conclusion of the day.

Amicus will work to keep your ADR costs low by ensuring that plaintiff counsel pays their own portion of the mediation fees.

Amicus will enhance the number of files scheduled, by identifying and bringing ADR candidates from area plaintiff firms to your claims team for consideration and possible scheduling on the day.

What you can expect when working with AMICUS on your Mediation Day

  • Full day of scheduled mediations – all written confirmation, scheduling and administration, handled by Amicus.
  • Additional ADR candidates will be secured from area plaintiff firms for your adjusters to consider for scheduling.
  • Affordable costs for the day

To schedule an Amicus Settlement Day, call 1(888) 7-AMICUS