Case Administration

Amicus will help you preserve your staff hours by:

  • Gaining consent to mediate/arbitrate from your adversary
  • Gaining consent from all parties on an acceptable mediator, date, time, location and fees
  • Outline the terms of the parties agreement and secure written consent from all
  • Direct cases to the most cost effective and settlement efficient mediators and arbitrators


Why you should use Amicus as your ADR Administrator?

Amicus is a neutral party and is not in the adversary role. We therefore can comfortably educate and expound on the benefits of ADR to parties that may be new to the process. By providing opposing parties with statistical results, references on mediators, and other data we are typically able to gain their consent.

As a neutral party with no horse in the race, we are free to educate parties about the ADR process and its effectiveness without having to worry about a negotiating posture.