ADR Training

Our training sessions can be tailored to the experience level of any claims or legal team and are designed to broaden their understanding of:

  • What is Alternative Dispute Resolution and what are the benefits associated with ADR?
  • How does Mediation differ from Arbitration and what are the benefits of each forum? Which types of cases are best suited for Mediation/Arbitration?
  • When is the right time to submit a case for ADR?
  • How to gain your adversary’s consent or what to do when ADR is refused?
  • What happens once I have submitted a case to AMICUS?
  • How do I prepare and present my case at Mediation?

Mock Mediation Session

If desired, once our ADR training has concluded the attendees will have an opportunity to prepare and present a mock case before an Amicus mediator or arbitrator.

The neutral will instruct them of what would typically be expected at an actual ADR conference as well as provide them with feedback on their negotiating strategy and case presentation.

The neutral will conclude the training with a Question and Answer session.

(* Typical training session runs 60-90 minutes)

If you would like to have your staff participate in an online Live Webcast training, please contact your Amicus consultant.