Amicus Mediation & Arbitration Group, Inc. provides Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) services to litigating parties throughout the United States.

Through the use of Mediation and Arbitration we offer our clients a path to a speedy, cost effective resolution for their legal dispute. The use of our services greatly reduce the risk and legal exposure associated with traditional litigation. Amicus’ maintains rosters of mediators and arbitrators with expertise in all areas of law.

Peace is not the absence of conflict; It's that state when we can deal with conflict effectively, efficiently and respectfully -Randolf Lowry

What is ADR?

What is Alternative Dispute Resolution? (ADR) Traditionally, legal disputes are resolved through a long, time consuming litigation process. Parties petition the court to intervene on their behalf and assist in the resolution of their legal impasse. This process often requires a great deal of time and resources on all parties' part. ADR or Alternative Dispute Resolution, is a term that describe alternate forums that parties can use in an effort to secure a quicker, less taxing resolution to their legal dispute. ADR Forums

Our Corporate Focus

Amicus' corporate mission is to assist insurance companies, law firms, corporations and other entities significantly reduce their legal costs by elevating their ADR usage. The Amicus system uses a three pronged approach when developing ADR systems for its clients.

  1. Creating/implementing systems and processes for clients where cases are being regularly identified for ADR.
  2. Maximize buy-in from opposing counsel on each file to ensure that each identified case proceeds seamlessly to an ADR conference.
  3. Managing the quality of the ADR result by directing cases to the most effective mediators and arbitrators.